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Natural beautiful hair from Russia. Wholesale prices.

The factory specializes in producing EXCLUSIVE high-quality hair for all types of extension technologies.

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Our production:

Tape in hair 
Keratin I tip and Flat tip 
Machine sewn wefts 
Clips in hair 

You can order our products directly from our factory with wholesale price with Worldwide courier shipping.

Сontact our managers:

Vladimir ( English )
Vladimir ( English )

Lada ( English )      
Lada ( English )      

Victoria ( English )
Victoria ( English )

Alex ( Español)       
Alex ( Español)       

We need to know about your order the following:

  • What kind of our product do you need?
  • What color would you like?
  • What length do you want?
  • What amount do you need?

Please add other information about your order to the message if necessary.